The selection of the communication tools used in a B2B campaign is a central element. In the last decade, social media has become the winner. By far. But is it the most effective tool? Is your audience using social media to learn about your company or the topics of your interest?


Media has been the predominant way to spread the word of products and services in animal production. Sometimes undercovered, with technical articles oriented to finally present a product as the solution. Sometimes as a direct paid commercial space to present the product per se. The massive unidirectional tools, such as magazines, newspapers and local radios, gave our industry a huge opportunity of communication with their customers. But little was known about the opinion of the audience. 


Direct marketing, with e-mail, post-mail and telemarketing as the main channels complemented the massive unidirectional tools with bidirectional communications, although feedback was delayed in time.


Social media appeared as the bidirectional communication tool with immediate response from the audience, and it kicked the board. Most of the companies established communication campaigns focusing on social media. And although it is an economic and quick way of communicating, it is not always the best option for B2B.


Never forget that the direct contact of the sales force with the customer is one of the best options to spread the word and create engagement. Train your salesforce and give them the best tools to communicate effectively. And complement their actions with the best communication tools that reach your audience.