We need to establish a training program for our team.

– Perfect! Who needs to be trained and which is the topic that should be covered?

We are not sure yet.


This is one of the current situations that we face with our customers. Training is considered in every company’s policy. Sometimes to fulfill a requirement, as a corporate policy, ISO or any other standard, and other times because there has been a deep revision of what is needed for every employee to make their job easier and to support the professional growth inside the company.


For us, training is one of the pillars to success. It is difficult to achieve a budget if the sales force doesn’t have a full understanding of the products and solutions they can offer the customer. But even worse, it is not possible to achieve a budget if the sales force doesn’t have a full and deep understanding of the problems their customers face every day. 


Jumping from a sales approach to a consultant approach is also an aspirational goal of big companies. But is it possible if a focused training program is not in place? The answer is NO. Definitely.


The design of an effective training program should consider 5 questions: who, what, how, when and where. In-depth analysis of this questions is our recommendation for success.